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MSc Digital Innovation



  • 领导、管理、开发和实施创新性的数字业务解决方案
  • 探索如何利用数字技术创新(如物联网、3D打印、无人机技术、人工智能)和领导力,在数字环境中可以有战略性地组织和领导人员
  • 制定战略方针,应用适当的理论和模型来创造新的商业价值 通过使用数字技术来推动创新
  • 学习如何为组织创造新的商业价值





  • 第一部分:秋季学期 学分
  • Aims:
    This module is concerned with using a holistic approach to investigate and improve business situations, with a view to developing feasible business solutions to the problem domain. It aims to provide students with the theory and practice of capturing and analysing business needs in relation to organisational contexts, business strategies, stakeholders, and business processes. Methods and techniques for articulation and evaluation of business needs will be introduced.

    Outline content:

    • Rationale for business analysis and requirements
    • Organisational, social and cultural impacts on business domain analysis
    • Strategy and stakeholder analysis
    • Business systems analysis/modelling
    • Business process analysis/modelling
    • Managing change
    • Making a business case
  • Aims:
    This module aims to enable students to develop an in-depth understanding of the nature, structure and function of information in the business domain. Students will gain knowledge of information requirements and presentation, working alongside users and subject specialists, to support their business functions. Through the course students will acquire the ability to plan, implement and evaluate IT-based solutions.

    Outline content:

      • Understand the signs and types of signs (indices, icons and symbols) used in human communication and computer information systems, from semiotic and other relevant perspectives
      • Investigate the characteristics of organisational needs in the era of e-enterprise and the potential IT capabilities required to support business objectives and functions
      • Study the methods and techniques for aligning business and IT strategies, business and IT planning, requirements analysis and determination
      • Select appropriate theories, methods and techniques for application in the design and development of IT solutions
  • This module develops critical digital knowledge and skills in digital concepts, leadership, teambuilding, capability and change planning and control to support the development of a digital technology solutions in businesses. It integrates leadership and e-leadership principles with a knowledge of digital technology and the practice of leading digital solution approaches and teams in a variety of leadership types at strategic level required by a business or consulting client. It provides appropriate capability and analysis tools and techniques to enable students to identify, manage and resolve digital leadership and supporting digital technology issues and enables the development of appropriate digital leadership approaches necessary to support digital business technology and related consulting situations.

  • What am I going to do when my course ends, and how am I going to achieve it? This module has been designed to help Accounting, Informatics and Business Management students answer those two questions, and empower them to take the actions required. It’s a suite of sessions that pays close attention to the general pathways Business Management, Accounting and Informatics students tend to take, and their aspirations as expressed during pre-sessional career activities & induction surveys. Students will choose this the mix of custom-made sessions that best suit their stage in life and supplement them with the open careers programmes offered at the University, the online content on the Henley Careers Blackboard site and 1-2-1 careers consultations.






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